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Friday, June 10, 2011


It’s my birthday today. I’m overwhelmed with all the wishes that I got on my Facebook wall. Anyway thank you so much for all of you that made the wishes. It really brightens up my day. As always, I would take a leave from work when it’s my birthday. Same goes for today. Yeahhh!!! I’m back at my hometown celebrating this day with my mum. What a great way to celebrate my birthday right? A big hug and kisses from mummy was more than enough. It was priceless. As for the Hubster, he can’t celebrate it with me. He text me and wishes me happy birthday. But there’s always next time and belated celebration. I’m looking forward for my trip to Penang next week. Maybe we’ll celebrate my belated birthday over there while I’m on my crime assignment. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Since this year is my last year celebrating my 2 series birthday, I’m glad to have blessing with everything that I have today. I personally thank the Al-Mighty Allah swt for giving me the chance to live my life all this years. For all that He has given me and for making me alive and still be able to breathe with His Air. I’m blessed to have such wonderful people around me especially my loved ones. My mum who had come all fear and pain just to deliver me into this world, my late dad who had loved and raised me so I could have the best 9 years of my life with him and my sister who had looked me up anytime when she needs me. These 3 beautiful people will always be in my heart deeply as they will always be my best favorite person in the world. Now I’m expanding this love to my Hubster and his family. I’m hoping that all of them are bless with all the prosperity and happiness in the world. As for my birthday wish this year, it will remain a secret between me and Al-Mighty Him. Enough said already. I’m enjoying every minute of my birthday. Next year this every same day, I’ll be in my 3 series celebration. I’m hoping when that time comes, I’ll be more matured and more manageable in my life ahead. All praises goes to The Al-Mighty Allah swt for creating me as a human and be part of His Universe. Amin… -HIU-

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