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Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's already late at night and I'm still awake. I just can't close my eyes and fall asleep like I always did. There's something bothering me and it's making me go crazy. Recently, a 'so-called-friend' of mine judged me wrongly as I was having my sweet time alone without the Hubster. Maybe I had my fun time alone without the Hubster but things is not the same when we are together. With him, I felt more alive and the fun is much more that I had alone. I may look happy outside but I'm dying in the inside. For some who might not know me that well, you don't have the idea how much misery and suffer that I have to go through since being apart from the Hubster. It's beyond repair the damage that has been done. It's my past and it kept haunting me. All I can do now is pray. Pray for the miracle to work its own way. As for the time being, my best friend is patience and courage to go through this hardship alone without the Hubster. I'm too tired to care what others thinks about me.

All that I want is to have a decent standard of living with the Hubster and together we managed our own family. No hanky panky business just us and our children. Until that day comes, I'll work hard to achieve my future goals with the Hubster. Lately I've been thinking a lot. I realised that everything happens for its own reason. The Mighty God knows why I'm being test this way. So it's now up to me to find out what are the reasons behind all this mess. Maybe the time will come and reveals all on its own. Miracle do happen. Until then, I'll stick like glue to my faith and my belief towards life. HIU

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